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May 1, 2023

An Immersive, Live Audio Experience in Essaouira, Morocco

An Immersive, Live Audio Experience in Essaouira, Morocco

Close your eyes and take in the sounds and sensations of Morocco in the latest Destination Morocco episode: a live walking tour of the beautiful coastal city of Essaouira. Zaid, our local guide with decades of experience, takes us through the winding alleyways of the Medina, past the fish markets and musicians, heading up onto the city walls and darting into artisan craft studios.

Live & Immersive Walking Tour of Essaouira - Ep. 33

This authentic and immersive audio experience will make you feel like you are there with Zaid as he shows around Destination Morocco's podcast producer Ted Cragg and his family, on their recent visit to Morocco. The tour is a great example of the type of experience you can expect in Morocco, as multi-day, multi-city tours will always include a local guide to show you around each new location.

Learn how Essaouira is reknowned for its welcoming spirit and pluralistic version, encouraging people of different religions and cultures to live side by side. In the 18th and 19th centuries this was far from a common occurrence. In Essaouira, locals would carve their identity above their doorway to demonstrate their kinship and encourage others to do the same. As we walk along, Zaid tells us this back story, as well as pointing out the symbols carved on the city gates, the various European influences, and explanations of everything from hammams to kasbahs and the call to prayer. 

The audio is raw, authentic and captured on-site. You'll hear street music, waves crashing, seagulls hunting for scraps, footsteps down quiet alleys and traders selling their wares.
Resources for this episode:
Keep this blog article open as well to match photos to the audio you're about to hear, and have an even more complete experience.
Stone carvings over the Gate of Tolerance, entrance to the Medina from the port.
The quiet alleyway between Place Moulay Hassan and the round rampart tower.
View of the walls and cannon, the long stone ramp climbing up, and artisans in cubby hole openings down below. 
Cannon engraved with the monogram of Carlos III of Spain, forged in Barcelona.
The round rampart tower with openings for cannon; the round shape would amplify the sound to scare of invaders.
Inlayed double line of stone bricks that indicate you are walking on a street with an exit, very helpful in a Medina! The absence of a double line should indicate a dead-end alley.
A horseshoe carved over a beautiful traditional Moroccan door, indicating the original owner was a blacksmith.
Entrance to the local, not tourist, hammam.
Balconies with the Croix de Lorraine built subtly into each end, an indication of refuge during the days of Vichy France.
Another booming day at the indoor Fish Market.
Beautiful inlayed thuya wood and mother-of-pearl at the Thuya Wood Cooperative.
Incredible selection and variety at the Thuya Coop.
Zaid and Ted on their way through the Medina.
Your view of the stunning Atlas Mountains on the drive from Essaouira back to Marrakech.