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Jan. 23, 2023

Answers to Fundamental Travel Questions About Morocco

Answers to Fundamental Travel Questions About Morocco
Welcome to 2023, a year full of anticipation, especially for anyone considering visiting Morocco. You may have a trip fully booked and confirmed. Or, you may be seriously looking at a trip there, narrowing down your options and conducting your research.
The January 15 episode of Destination Morocco podcast is absolutely chock-full of useful, practical info that will get your Morocco travel planning in 2023 off to a great start.
Azdean receives questions all the time from curious and engaged listeners, asking fundamental questions about travel around Morocco, things to do there, and most of all how to do it safely and reliably. No one wants to get ripped off and taken advantage of, and for something that is typically a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you want to make sure you get the most out of it and, if at all possible, make the right decisions.
This episode will help you in putting those ideas and plans together, whether you're a solo traveller, a couple or a small group. You may be an independent traveller who builds their own itinerary and activities, and that's perfectly fine. Or you may be looking for a more personalized, private tour experience from a company like Destination Morocco.
Either way, this valuable information will help you navigate and know what to expect, as there will always be moments when you're on your own and have to figure out what to do, or want to book something or add something to your itinerary, and need to know where to go and what to ask.
Check out this episode to learn:
  • Recommendations and a sample itinerary for a 7 to 12 day, self-guided, independent trip around Morocco, if you are organizing it yourself.
  • How to navigate the souks in Marrakech, and the best time of day to visit.
  • How to find the best traditional Moroccan food, and where.
  • How to experience a traditional Moroccan hammam, how they work and how much you should expect to pay.
  • How to take a desert tour in Morocco, and what questions to ask when you go to book.
  • How to find the best hotels and riads in Morocco, and what you should expect for each price range.
  • Where to search for riads, are they available on sites like and Expedia? Ultimately how do you reserve a room at a riad?
  • How to navigate public transportation in Morocco. Azdean explains the train system and options. How the bus transportation companies complement the train system, and two companies that Azdean recommends.
  • A reminder of the common scams, but also smart tricks to look out for when calling a taxi.
  • How to "attend" a Moroccan wedding (i.e. without an invitation!).
  • How to explore the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, from the right gear to the best time of year.
  • How to take a cooking class in Morocco, including what to look for and how to book.
  • Some valuable perspective on luxury as it pertains to Morocco: their definition may be quite different than that of North America or Europe, not to mention what's included and what's not included.
  • How to explore the medinas of Morocco. Use caution.
  • Spas vs. hammams, and how the modern version combines the two.
  • How to take a camel ride in Morocco: knowing what to do and how to react.
  • Lastly, how to explore the Berber villages in Morocco. A unique and poignant question. Azdean brings perspective to this as a native Berber himself.

Your ideas and plans will start falling into place with the information in this episode, it's the perfect time to start zeroing in on dates, accommodations and activities for your 2023 Moroccan adventure.

Answers to Fundamental Travel Questions About Morocco - Ep. 26