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Jan. 6, 2023

Destination Morocco Podcast Enters Its 2nd Year: More Profiles, Special Guests and a New Podcast Studio in Morocco!

Destination Morocco Podcast Enters Its 2nd Year: More Profiles, Special Guests and a New Podcast Studio in Morocco!
We welcome in the new year with lots of exciting upcoming plans and topics to share, and tremendous appreciation for our listeners since the start of the Destination Morocco podcast journey.
Azdean was recently at a conference in Chicago, complete with a display about the podcast, QR codes so people could find it, merchandise and images. The big Moroccan flag was an instant attraction, and lots of folks came by, brimming with enthusiasm after the World Cup and now keen to learn more about the country. It was another demonstration of the growing interest in Morocco.
Meanwhile, one of the challenges with the show from the start has been getting quality audio and reliable connections with podcast guests in Morocco. Frequently the connections are poor and cut in and out, the room someone is in is large and echoey, and if we're lucky they will have earbuds or a headset, but typically a very basic laptop microphone. All of this adds up to audio that is scarcely usable, if at all. Hence we have had to limit many of our recordings with guests in Morocco.
However, Azdean has figured out a solution: the company will be opening a dedicated podcast studio in Marrakech in the coming weeks, where guests can simply come in, sit down for an interview with proper tools and technology, and have a strong fibre optic connection. The sound will be of much better quality, consistent and clear, and the guest won't have to worry about anything.
This will enable us to ramp up creative opportunities with episodes direct from Morocco, making it feel that much closer for guests and listeners alike. How amazing it will be to hear more authentic voices, coming to us from Marrakech itself!
This will allow us to expand some of our episode ideas and possibilites. Upcoming topics will include in-depth profiles of Casablanca, Volubilis, Rabat, Tangier, and the people who live there. Places that have been touched on in previous episodes, but that will now have their own dedicated focus.
Meanwhile, Azdean's wife Khadija is a noted cook, with her own Moroccan catering company in Houston. We're looking forward to new episodes with her, likely as an ongoing series.
But how does one produce a cooking episode in audio form? Well, although we will have video too, we want to maintain the audio experience. Khadija can explain the story behind distinct Moroccan dishes and the recipes to go with them, and describe what she's doing while going through each step. So even their kitchen could turn into a podcast studio!
All of these episodes will be complemented by more and more videos, so stay tuned to the Destination Morocco YouTube channel, Instagram and TikTok, as we put images and movement to the stories and fascinating information.
Thank you to all of our listeners in our first year of 2022! We are excited for what’s to come, uncovering more Moroccan secrets and discoveries.