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June 15, 2022

Tales of Adventure From a Moroccan Tour Director - Ep. 12

Tales of Adventure From a Moroccan Tour Director - Ep. 12

Many travellers to Morocco, especially for the first time, place their trip into the care of a certified Tour Director. Someone who will accompany them throughout, make sure things run as smoothly as possible, that they are prepared for what's next and, ultimately, will show them a good time.

Meet Ilyas Baayay, a certified Moroccan guide, tour director, storyteller and passionate host. Ilyas joins Azdean today to talk about touring Morocco from a guide's perspective, in an uplifting conversation that showcases his personality and his story. 

Ilyas grew up in a small remote Moroccan village, a one hour walk from the nearest water supply, and an hour and a half walk to school.

Moving with his family to the town of Ouzoud, home to the second-highest waterfall in Africa, gave him exposure to tourists and languages from around the world, and created a love for learning and storytelling.

Ilyas and Azdean chat about Moroccan hospitality, with inspiring stories about Moroccans and tourists alike. You'll learn tidbits like Morocco's three names, and the source of the name "Morocco" itself,  how given names in the United States have been unknowingly influenced by the Berber language, and how the importance of hospitality to Moroccans reflects an inherently generous, giving and welcoming people.

Join us for a truly local perspective on the Moroccan people and their values. Ilyas' joyful spirit and generosity will make you want to come and discover this beautiful land.

You're about to learn:

  • Why tour directors in Morocco are required to run a marathon to become officially certified.
  • About the process of arriving in Morocco, at the international airport in Casablanca: when do you meet your tour director, what is their role and what should you expect.
  • Background of the Berber language, and how it differs from Moroccan Arabic.
  • The diverse religious foundations of the Berber culture, which has resulted in a very open and accepting society.
  • What to expect from hotel standards, as Morocco is still a developing country.
  • The surprising prevalence of Moroccan-source dinosaur fossils. 
  • The important simplicity of asking for permission.


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