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March 1, 2022

A Guided Tour Around Morocco - Ep. 5

A Guided Tour Around Morocco - Ep. 5
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It may be your first time to Morocco, or you simply may want to cover as much as you can on your trip, in an organized, hassle-free way. Many travellers to Morocco choose a guided tour as the best way to see the country and come away with a real, vivid understanding for what they've experienced.

There are of course all kinds of options available, from focusing on specific areas of Morocco, to pursuing certain themes like perhaps food or outdoor activities, and lengths of a few days to two weeks or longer.

Azdean recommends 10 days as the ideal length, to see much of the sights, capture the variety, have enough time yet not feel too rushed. But it's your trip, you determine your preferences, and a good tour company will work together with you to make it a reality.

You're about to learn:

  • How to book a tour.
  • Options for add-ons and personalization, lots of flexibility.
  • The options for getting around the cities and between cities.
  • What's included in a typical tour, and what you need to prepare for that may not be included.
  • Medication and supplies you may find helpful.
  • Attractions and activities to see along the way.
  • About camping under the stars in Merzouga desert.
  • How to ride a camel!
  • The role that tour guides play throughout your trip.
  • How to acclimatize to the food.
  • Guidance about cancellations, documentation and travel insurance.

This episode gives a great overview of the details of visiting Morocco, and will take the trip that's in your mind a big step towards becoming reality.

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Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Sample Tour Itinerary


Chefchaouen, the "blue pearl"    


Ifrane, "The Switzerland of Morocco"

Ziz river and Gorge Canyon

Merzouga desert    

Camping under the stars 


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