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Feb. 1, 2022

A Welcome From Azdean - Ep. 1

A Welcome From Azdean - Ep. 1
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Episode 1 - A Welcome from Azdean!

Destination Morocco launches its podcast, with an introduction to the show and a greeting from our host, Azdean.

Azdean and his family hail from the small village of Telouet, Morocco, about 40 miles (in a straight line, much longer by road!) southeast of Marrakesh. After finishing school in Marrakesh, he moved to the United States in 1995, settling in Houston. Azdean and his wife Khadija Elomari then took their passion for sharing their homeland and created the Destination Morocco tour company, in 2016.

The Destination Morocco podcast is the next step in the journey, an opportunity to share with you the rich culture, history and stories of Morocco. Azdean and his guests open the door to travel in Morocco, helping you learn what to expect, how to plan, what to see and what to experience.

There will also be all the latest news and updates on health and safety, travel restrictions and regulations, costs and other logistics.

Morocco is a country that is at once familiar, and yet mysterious. Destination Morocco podcast is here as the first step on your journey to uncovering its secrets.

Come along for the adventure.

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