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May 16, 2022

Balloon Rides over Marrakech and Mountains - Ep. 10

Balloon Rides over Marrakech and Mountains - Ep. 10
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There are few activities more evocative and memorable than a hot air balloon ride, no matter where in the world. Drifting up from the earth in the calm of early morning, the sound of birds and breeze interspersed with puffs from the burner.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Marrakech to float over the medina towards the High Atlas mountains is an undoubted highlight of anyone's trip to Morocco. 

Sherif is the owner of Adventure Balloon Marrakech, which launched in 2018 and just 4 years later is already one of the largest and most successful ballooning companies in Morocco. They have quickly grown to a fleet of 5 balloons, with a capacity of 300 persons per day.

Sherif talks a bit about his background: growing up in Egypt, studying tourism, falling in love with hot air balloons, and then letting them carry him to business ventures in Turkey, Kenya and now Morocco, which he explains is one of the very best places in the world to go ballooning. 

You're about to learn:

  • How they determine the capacity and weight limits of a balloon.
  • The schedule of a typical "classic flight," from pick-up to inflation to flight and touch-down.
  • What time Sherif finishes for the day. "I'm the first one in the world to finish work!"
  • Why balloons typically go afloat in the early hours of the day, instead of later.
  • Why ballooning in Marrakech is blessed with such great conditions and very low cancellation rates (a common factor when ballooning in other locations).
  • Ticket options, packages and prices, and what's included in the experience (hint: it's all-inclusive!).

Ballooning is a wonderfully communal, shared experience. Fellow passengers become friends. Memories are created in a short time that last a lifetime. It is a thoughtful, peaceful adventure that easily fits into your schedule of sightseeing and activities. 

Follow the links below to learn more, and contact Destination Morocco for more questions and to learn how to integrate a balloon ride into your itinerary!

Destination Morocco is offering a special Jewish-themed guided tour, July 17-26, incorporating Jewish heritage highlights, in addition to regular popular sights. 

All the details and a special rate for podcast listeners can be found here:


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