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Nov. 15, 2022

"Every Part of it was Breathtaking." Morocco in 11 Days - Ep. 22

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Cierra & Dan McPherson had a tall order for Destination Morocco when they got in touch with Azdean, looking to travel to Morocco just a short time later. They wanted to see as much of the country as possible, but over just 11 days. Could it be done?


Our episode today recounts their journey. Thanks to Azdean and his team, particularly intrepid tour director Ilyas (Ep. 12) and driver Abdul, these world travellers had an experience that ranked with the best of their many destinations.


Ilyas took them to innumerable places off the beaten track, from hole-in-the-wall restaurants to secret spots known only to locals. Hear their stories about enjoying Tangia stew, Moroccan bread and yes, a dish that consists of cooking (then eating) an entire sheep, head, eyes and all, that has been slow-cooked in a hole in the ground (Shoua).


Meanwhile, it wasn't planned as a romantic trip, but in such a romantic country they were swept up in the spirit. Dan & Cierra were treated to their own Moroccan wedding, with henna designs and Berber attire, and enjoyed memorable meal after memorable meal: breakfasts, lunch and dinner. They had arrived looking forward to the cuisine, and whether street food or established restaurants, it was amazing.


Listen in as they share delightful, heartfelt stories. "See how a date can open up the world?!," says Ilyas. And slowing down to feel the wind, watch the stars, and be present in the moment, in such a beautiful place.


Through it all, it is another unique and personalized adventure with Ilyas. After this episode, you'll want more than ever to go on one of his tours too. 


You're about to discover:

  • Khalil, the blind tour guide of Hassan II Mosque.
  • How the connections of their tour guides allowed them early access to the Hassan II Mosque, before the regular crowds arrived.
  • Amazing Chefchaouen peanuts, boiled in honey.
  • Volubilis and the camel hump town of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun.
  • How Ilyas and Abdul always keep things interesting with little anecdotes, personal stories and connections. Never a dull moment on those long drives!
  • Having tried a camel burger, which would you now choose, camel or beef? 
  • How remarkably small the riads can be, meaning no large groups, just a few guests at a time. A great opportunity to mingle and chat with the hosts and other travellers.
  • What happened when they accidentally tipped a guide far less than the intended to. Ilyas was there to save the situation.


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Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Episode 12 with Ilyas


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