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Dec. 1, 2022

"Go to Morocco before you go to Europe" - Ep. 23

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Imagine: One day, someone gives you the idea of going to Morocco, and you think, "Yeah, maybe..." And then, a month later, spur of the moment, you buy a return ticket! 

But you're not a big fan of planning, and the prospect of filling out the details of your impending trip are a little daunting, to say the least. 

What do you do next? 

This is Morocco on a Whim, Rachel Metcalf's story of making the commitment, travelling solo and turning to Destination Morocco to create and guide what became a very special and memorable trip.

Rachel starts off in Casablanca, and like many of our other guests meets Khalil, the blind tour guide of Hassan II Mosque. She tours around the north of Morocco, and falls in love with the picturesque, crossroads city of Tangier. Hear her wax poetic on its old world charm and beautiful setting between ocean and mountains. She is captivated by the blue city of Chefchaouen, leaving her Instagram page bursting with colour. 

Fès then takes center stage, with Rachel being guided through the labyrinth of streets, visiting the mosaic & tile factory and then dropping in on the famous tanneries, a crucial mint coming in very handy.

Her riad in Fès, so completely unassuming from the outside, turns out to be a veritable palace once you walk through the door. Rachel takes us on a tour and describes it in detail. 

A highlight was the hammam, or "sand bath," in the desert at Agafay, just an hour outside of Marrakech. A relaxing and revitalizing experience, complete with herbs and spices for distinct aromas. 

Rachel had her own private tour, allowing her free reign to change plans, sleep in, go somewhere different or be spontaneous. And as a small, family tour company, changes could be made on the spot, without calling around, waiting for approval from someone in an overseas office, many time zones away. 

Thanks to being on a guided tour, with an individual itinerary made for her, Rachel was able to relax and enjoy each day of the experience, without wondering or figuring out the next steps, and all the logistics therein. 


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