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July 15, 2022

Maxx Walske's Travel Diary with Destination Morocco - Ep. 14

Maxx Walske's Travel Diary with Destination Morocco - Ep. 14

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In today's episode, podcast listener, professional photographer and seasoned traveller Maxx Walske fulfills a dream by visiting Morocco.

Maxx is a planner who loves to research and learn about her upcoming destinations. Typically she travels independently, but this time, having listened to the podcast, she went for the peace of mind and comfort of a private, guided tour, organized by Destination Morocco.

In our episode today, Maxx chats with Azdean about her trip, about culture shock, the reality of being in Morocco as a tourist, the accommodation, the food, the shopping and more. 

Maxx had all the typical questions and concerns going into the trip, but discovered a country blessed with stunning scenery and modern amenities: an open society of warm, friendly people.

And, "A photographer's dream!"

You'll recognize some familiar names from past episodes, who met Maxx in Morocco and showed her around: Ilias (Ep. 12), Youseff (Ep. 3) and Fatima Zahra (Ep. 8). 

Punctuated by fun anecdotes and stories, it's a pleasant conversation that reminds you it's not all about Instagramable scenes and selfies, you have to enjoy the moment and be present.

Morocco is unique and magical, "You have to see it to believe it!" (Maxx).

You're about to learn:

  • How busy it was, in general, and if there were people everywhere.
  • How the square changes from day to nighttime. "It's a beast!" (Azdean).
  • How June is a very good time to go, weather-wise.
  • How planning helps you prepare, but throw away your expectations once you get started on your trip.
  • How to prepare for shopping in Morocco, and how having local guides you can trust makes the entire experience worthwhile. You'll come home with quality items that you feel good about.
  • Azdean talks about planning an itinerary, based on a person's interests and schedule, and how it becomes a very personal experience.
  • About the wonderful hospitality, people going out of their way to help, even inviting you into their home.

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Volubilis, Meknes (Roman ruins)

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