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I recently posted asking for recommendations for a trip to Morocco and received many responses. I followed up and spoke with many helpful guides and tour agencies, but I want to share about one person in particular - Azdean Elmoustaquim! Azdean and his wife, Khadija, started and run "Destination Morocco.” Azdean is a gem among gems - he is kindness personified. He goes above and beyond, is ethical, knowledgeable, and very well-connected. I have spent hours speaking with him and have listened to his many podcasts and read many positive online reviews.
Though I will definitely post about my trip when I return (late Oct.), I wanted to share his contact info now in case anyone else is in the process of planning a trip. He will make your life so much easier. Azdean knows we are on a tight budget and has accommodated us in every way. So even if you only need a tour guide for one day in an imperial city or a driver to get from Marrakesh to Merzouga or a recommendation for a hotel or desert camp or a full guides tour from the moment you land until being dropped off at the end of your stay, he is your guy! But the best part is, you’ll absolutely enjoy getting to know him - he is lovely. He’ll feel like you made a new and wonderful friend after the first conversation!

Sept. 8, 2022 by Beth Rami on This Website

Destination Morocco Podcast