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Traveling in Morocco's as guests and not as tourists

Good morning, Sam/Azdean
Harmony and I want to thank you both for organizing such a wonderful experience for us!
We had an incredible time. Ilyas and Ahmed were exceptional. Ahmed took very good care of us on the road. Especially on the High Atlas hairpin roads. He was very kind and friendly and was a pleasure to be around.
Ilyas was a terrific guide. He really went above and beyond everything I have experienced previously with other guides on other trips. He was very natural, charismatic, and informative. He was very patient with us and offered to take beautiful photos for us and answer all of our questions. He made us feel very safe and comfortable with the locals. We really appreciate his time and generosity. We loved learning about Morocco and Berber culture and hearing his stories.
It really felt like we were traveling in Morocco's as guests and not as tourists (if that makes sense). The Riads were great, and the hospitality was amazing. Harmony and I would really appreciate it if you could please let the hosts at Kasbah Didis Dades know that we really appreciated their hospitality and amazing food. That was our favorite meal in Morocco (so far!). Very delicious couscous.
And thank you again so much for the gifts! That was an extremely wonderful surprise for us! You are too generous!! 😅
We are very happy to have chosen Destination Morocco!
I also mentioned to Sam that once I have gone through my photos. I will send you the best ones if you would like to use them on your website or social media posts.

Oct. 11, 2022 by Pablo Juarez on Apple Podcasts

Destination Morocco Podcast