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Feb. 1, 2022

The Highlights of Marrakesh - Ep. 3

The Highlights of Marrakesh - Ep. 3

Marrakesh is one of the most famous destinations in Morocco, one of the "imperial cities" (one-time capital cities), and a place immortalized in popular culture and romantic images.

When you think of a Moroccan city, and ancient markets, spices, mosques, vibrant colours and winding, narrow alleyways come to mind, it is likely Marrakesh that you're thinking of.

Azdean welcomes his friend and local tour guide Youssef Kharroubi to the podcast, to give us an overview of the city and its many sights and activities. We talk a bit about the history of the city and its place in Morocco, and Youssef introduces highlights such as the city gardens, the Bahia Palace, the souk (marketplace), the Kutubiyya mosque (nearly 900 years old) and the Bab Agnaou gates. Most of this is encapsulated in the medina (city centre), named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

And then there's the food! You may be familiar with the cone-shaped tagine cooking pot, great for cooking vegetables and couscous. Youssef also introduces the tangiya, which is a similar concept, but more of a deep, oval-shaped clay pot often used for cooking lamb dishes, and immersed in coals to slow-cook for 8-10 hours.

Each topic could be an episode in itself, and so Youssef helps to orient us and set the stage for the discovery of Marrakesh. This episode will get your travel juices flowing!

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Resources Mentioned in this episode:

A Moroccan souk (market)

A traditional Moroccan tagine cooking pot

Stunning Moroccan gardens

Kutubiyya Mosque in Marrakesh, built in 1158

Marrakech Tour Guide

Youssef Kharroubi (Marrakech Tour Guide) on Instagram

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Youssef Kharroubi


Youssef was born and raised the Marrakech medina (old downtown) the moved to the new city where he attended school, and got his BA degree in English linguistics, after that he worked for a travel agency and traveled to Japan where he lived more than 6 years and thought English in a private school, after coming back to Morocco, he took the exam in Japanese to become a certified tour guide.