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Sept. 15, 2022

Travelling Solo Through Morocco, with Joanie Conwell - Ep. 18

Travelling Solo Through Morocco, with Joanie Conwell - Ep. 18

Joanie Conwell fulfilled a dream in May of 2022, visiting Morocco for two weeks, inspired by the works of Paul Bowles. And she did it as a solo traveller, unaccompanied and through her own planning and research. With a bit of help from Destination Morocco podcast, especially Episode 4!

Joanie joins Azdean today to trace her adventure through northern Morocco, starting in Casablanca then staying in Rabat, Tangier, Tetouan, Chefchaouen and Fès.

Joanie shares her expenses, including the average nightly cost of her accommodations, recounts special moments with strangers, and gives her views on whether it's a good idea to travel solo to Morocco, and what to expect.

A lot of information on the internet seems designed to frighten travellers curious about Morocco. Walking along the shoreline near Hassan II Mosque, observing regular families strolling at the sunset: the reality is much more nuanced than what you read online.

You're about to learn:

  • Understanding transportation as a solo traveller. Azdean explains the differences between the petit and big taxis.
  • How Joanie took Azdean's advice to upgrade her basic room to a living room suite with gorgeous views, for only about $25 extra.
  • The price of a 2nd class ticket on the high speed train (Al Boraq) from Rabat to Tangier.
  • Taking a long-distance big taxi ride with six Moroccan strangers.
  • How the price for virtually everything that isn't prepaid is negotiable. Finding a taxi ride that was one-tenth of the original price quoted.
  • How to avoid the touts hassling you to sell bus tickets, and just book online. Or, how to prepare for the touts and get a successful outcome.
  • Joanie's great advice for anyone with dietary restrictions, allergies or other sensitivities to negotiate their way through Morocco (or any Arabic country).

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