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Oct. 15, 2022

Travelling to Morocco in Winter - Ep. 20

Travelling to Morocco in Winter - Ep. 20

The winter season is soon approaching, but does that mean that travel to Morocco slows right down? What can be expected by visiting in January or February?

Azdean and Destination Morocco producer Ted Cragg sit down today to talk about what it's like to travel in Morocco in winter, particularly because Ted is hoping to head there with his family in February or March! Can they expect a much different experience than if they went during the high season? Can they decide to go even at the last minute?

Travel to Morocco these days is increasingly a year round activity. Although temperatures can be cool, and yes there is a bit more rain, you can still find plentiful accommodation and activities that are open, at a better price and with fewer crowds. Indeed, many people prefer to travel in the low season for the slower pace and quieter experience. You won't be disappointed in Morocco, but you will need to be prepared, especially when it comes to having the right clothing and supplies.

We talk about options for short trips, and whether it's worthwhile to hop over for a weekend if you're already in a place like Spain or France, with quick flights or even the ferry at your disposal. 

There's also a little bit of behind the scenes of the making of the podcast. We're breaking barriers in Morocco! Introducing the concept and giving folks opportunities to experience podcasting for the first time.

The crowds start to pick up again as we get into late March and April, so if you're looking for the Moroccan experience without quite so much bustle, when the stars shine their brightest, this episode will help get you started on your planning.

You're about to learn:

  • What the weather is like in January & February.
  • What to pack and expect for clothing in a country with different zones and weather systems.
  • How the experience of the desert changes between seasons.
  • When you should be doing your research and making your bookings. Accommodation can sell out fast, so you may need to reserve early for a place you really want to stay.
  • How Azdean and his team will help you find a place that's well-located and convenient to the sights and your activities.
  • What a short weekend break could look like, hopping over from Europe.
  • Info touching on family travel, slow travel and long-term stays (digital nomad-style).

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Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Algeciras, SP - Tangier, MR ferry service

Fès International Airport

Riad Zahra, Essaouira

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