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Feb. 15, 2023

Uncovering the Fascinating South of Morocco: From Marrakech to Oases, Kasbahs, Mountains and Sand Dunes - Ep. 28

Uncovering the Fascinating South of Morocco: From Marrakech to Oases, Kasbahs, Mountains and Sand Dunes - Ep. 28
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Today's episode marks the beginning of our shift towards the south of Morocco here on Destination Moroccopodcast.

If you are looking for a Moroccan experience a little more rugged and raw, a little less touristy, and very authentic, you will find the southern half of Morocco a fascinating draw. 

Starting from Marrakech as a base, a typical tour will cover deserts, high mountains, deep gorges, genuine Berber villages dating back centuries, and plenty of local culture, with a touch of Hollywood along the way.

Come with us in search of spices, fresh dates, saffron, henna, fossils and mint tea.

Taking us on our tour today is one of Destination Morocco's guides, Driss Maaza, who traces some of the historical connections amongst trading peoples and royalty, dating back many hundreds of years. We'll be travelling along the same historic caravan route from Timbuktu to Marrakech that still exists today.

Azdean and Driss uncover all kinds of activities, stunning views, places to go hiking, unique museums, and learn about an area that traditionally does not get quite as much attention as the north.

You'll hear why Driss is the perfect person to describe this area and inspire you to visit. 

Sights and highlights mentioned in this episode (with Google Maps links):


Telouet/Onila Valley


Aït Benhaddou


Kasbah Amridil (Famous museum, featured in the film Lawrence of Arabia and on the 50 Dirham bank note)

Dadès Valley/Gorge

Toudra Gorge


Ksar Elkhorbat (ancient village and Berber museum)



Ziz Valley


Draa Valley(Palm tree oasis)

Solar Power station near Ouarzazate (incredible satellite view)

Imlil village (hiking base)

Toubkal mountain, highest in North Africa

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