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Dec. 15, 2022

World Cup Fever & A Conversation with The Travel Agents podcast - Ep. 24

World Cup Fever & A Conversation with The Travel Agents podcast - Ep. 24
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It's been a whirlwind since our last Destination Morocco episode, just two weeks ago. The World Cup was still in its group stage, with 32 teams still alive. Since then, the Moroccan Cinderella story has resolutely swept the country, and the world, streaking all the way to the semi-finals of the tournament.

As so many of our listeners are tuning in from outside Morocco, including Azdean himself, the question we're all wondering is, "What is it like in Morocco right now?!"


Fortunately, we can get a report from a first-hand source. Regular listeners will have heard the name "Sam" many times: Destination Morocco's Operations Manager in Morocco, but today we finally get to hear his voice. 


Sam, aka Hussein, makes his debut on the podcast to fill us in on the energy in the country, street celebrations and the shock and surprise of it all. Sam gives us a bit of context too, talking about some of the Moroccan players, their roots and their professional clubs, and the history of Morocco applying to host the World Cup, and coming so close, especially for the 2010 tournament that ended up going to South Africa.


Meanwhile, in part two of today's episode we put a new twist on the podcast, and share with you info about Morocco, and Azdean himself, from a different perspective.


Azdean recently appeared on The Travel Agents Podcast with hosts Brian Chima and Will Lee, and we found it was such a good overview of Morocco that it would be fun to share it with you here. We've picked out some of the highlights of the conversation, where Will and Brian asked questions from the listeners' perspective that really encapsulated being curious about Morocco and keen to learn.


If you're new to the podcast and haven't gone through our earlier episodes yet, this one is a good introduction. And if you are already a regular listener, you'll find that today's conversation fills in some gaps and helps complete the picture of this amazing land.


Highlights include:

  • Learning about relative distances and driving times between some major sights.
  • The best way to get from Spain to Morocco.
  • An overview of riads and why they emerged in Morocco.
  • What exactly is a tagine and how is it used for cooking.
  • The Jewish influence on Morocco, from food to architecture and even language.
  • Understanding the difference between Moroccan Arabic and the more common dialects in places like Egypt.
  • The construct of Berber families and villages, who preserve their unique culture and laws to this day.

Thanks to Will and Brian for letting us share their episode with our listeners too. Check out the links below to hear more of their great topics!

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