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Aug. 1, 2022

"You'll Never Feel as Small as You Do When You're in the Sahara Desert." - Ep. 15

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On today's episode, Azdean chats with a colleague from the travel industry, Laura Ericson, who organizes small guided tours to exotic destinations like Colombia and Peru.

Laura was recently on her first trip to Morocco, scouting future tours there, and her enthusiasm and evocative storytelling inspired Azdean to invite her on the podcast to share what she learned.

A big part of the experience of Morocco is the journey itself around the country, the rapidly changing scenery and complete shifts in landscape and people. Laura pointed out to her guide, "I feel like I'm in a movie scene!" To which he replied, "You are!" Many popular films and shows have been made in Morocco, and you can tour everything from the Atlas Studios to the streetscapes of Essaouira, following in their footsteps. 

Laura shares stories from her journey through Marrakech, Fès and in particular, the Sahara desert, where the shifting sands create a constantly changing landscape. It was actually raining through most of her time in the Sahara, and they even got trapped on the wrong side of a flooded road, and had to figure their way out.

The Berber locals, friendly and welcoming as always, were keen to show their camps in the desert, and Laura reflects on how remarkable this life is in this day and age.

And then there's the silence: the eerie yet beautiful silence of the desert. It is a peaceful place that inspires reflection and contemplation, as you ride a camel to go watch the sunset.

Laura shares her experiences as a woman travelling, whether solo or with a friend, and being prepared for what can happen. How to blend in and not look like a tourist, and how to be assertive and confident. She and Azdean chat about important safety tips and advice, and the merits of guided trips to places like Morocco, giving you safety and security, a chance to become friends with someone local, and even saving you money in the long run.

You're about to learn:

  • How glad Laura was to have chosen to stay two nights in the Sahara instead of just one.
  • The experience of a Sahara desert tour by 4x4, on no roads.
  • How Fèz is great for shopping and finding unique local artisan crafts, maybe even better than Marrakech.
  • The story of how Laura was having breakfast, on her riad's rooftop terrace, put her foot down on what she thought was a rock, but it was in fact their pet turtle!

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