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Xavier Panades Benoliel

Born in Tangier in 1961 from Spanish father and Sepharad Moroccan mother. In 1963 all my family left Morocco to Barcelona. I lived in Barcelona until 1984 and then I move to Principality of Andorra until 2006.
We bought Riad Zahra in Essaouira and move with my wife and my son because Essaouira is a very special city in Morocco.
This city have an special atmosphere, nice people, plenty of history and a beautiful medina and a picturesque port.
We manage some rental apartments and this family run hotel since 2006 and we are very happy to live here.

Discover Essaouira, Morocco's Coastal Gem - Ep. 7

April 01, 2022

Discover Essaouira, Morocco's Coastal Gem - Ep. 7

Welcome to the stunning oceanside city of Essaouira, located southwest of Casablanca, due west of Marrakesh, and midway down the Atlantic coast of Morocco. In this episode, Azdean welcomes Xavier Panadés, owner of the riad "R...