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Sept. 1, 2022

Top Tips for Traveling to Morocco on a Budget - Ep. 17

Top Tips for Traveling to Morocco on a Budget - Ep. 17

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If you're looking for an affordable place to travel, but don't want to sacrifice quality, Morocco is a great option. One of the challenges, however, is to figure out just how much things cost, and what you can expect for the prices you pay.

In today's episode, Azdean walks us through many of the essential expenses you will encounter on your trip, from accommodation to transport and, most importantly, the food! Carefully-planned savings could evaporate after a few delicious, full-course meals, but then again, that might just be worth it!

Ultimately, the budget for your trip will come down to your own priorities and choices, whether it's standards of accommodation or the number of activities you participate in. But this episode will give you some context on what you can expect to pay, regardless of your style and interests.

There's even a bit of reverse-psychology at play when you're at a restaurant: if you give first, you get something back.

Azdean shares with you tips on how to save money every day, and tips on how to tip: a more recent phenomenon in Morocco, but an important one nonetheless. Tips are rarely included on organized tours, but even as extra costs they won't add a lot to your total budget, and indeed may be worth every penny. Plus, it demonstrates your appreciation for service and goes a long way to helping the locals with their livelihood.

Check out this episode, take some notes, and let's make your Morocco experience as smooth as possible!

You're about to learn:

  • Finding affordable transportation.
  • The most affordable time of year to visit Morocco.
  • How to choose the best accommodation for you.
  • Hiring a driver vs. hiring your own tour guide.
  • How much does the food cost.
  • Recognizing when you've been overcharged.
  • Not just restaurant prices but coffee, juice, dessert and other items too.
  • How to barter. Get your poker face ready!
  • The tipping culture in Morocco.
  • Can you use the US dollar in Morocco, and can you pay by credit card?

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